Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.4 or greater within 500 mi
Update time = Sun, 22-Jan-2017 6:19pm PST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
16 mi WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada 2.4 000185115 mi 1485058725Sun, 22-Jan-2017 4:18am map
2 mi S of Hollister, California 3.1 000165102 mi 1485055439Sun, 22-Jan-2017 3:23am map
4 mi W of Cobb, California 2.8 000167104 mi 1484957771Sat, 21-Jan-2017 12:16am map
19 mi ENE of Yerington, Nevada 2.5 000210131 mi 1484801000Thu, 19-Jan-2017 4:43am map
21 mi SW of Ferndale, California 3.0 000382237 mi 1484757686Wed, 18-Jan-2017 4:41pm map
16 mi WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada 2.7 000186115 mi 1484720112Wed, 18-Jan-2017 6:15am map
18 mi WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada 3.7 000183114 mi 1484697872Wed, 18-Jan-2017 12:04am map
15 mi SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.6 000215134 mi 1484685696Tue, 17-Jan-2017 8:41pm map
15 mi SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.4 000215134 mi 1484683651Tue, 17-Jan-2017 8:07pm map
16 mi SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.5 000215134 mi 1484680926Tue, 17-Jan-2017 7:22pm map
16 mi SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.7 000215134 mi 1484680255Tue, 17-Jan-2017 7:10pm map
16 mi SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 3.4 000215134 mi 1484679216Tue, 17-Jan-2017 6:53pm map
11 mi NNE of Toquerville, Utah 2.8 000692430 mi 1484657204Tue, 17-Jan-2017 12:46pm map
8 mi NE of San Simeon, California 3.1 000283176 mi 1484636129Tue, 17-Jan-2017 6:55am map
4 mi S of Idyllwild, CA 2.4 000641399 mi 1484631582Tue, 17-Jan-2017 5:39am map
3 mi WNW of Cobb, California 2.4 000166103 mi 1484578724Mon, 16-Jan-2017 2:58pm map
22 mi WSW of Encinitas, CA 2.5 000666414 mi 1484571569Mon, 16-Jan-2017 12:59pm map
6 mi E of Yorba Linda, CA 2.4 000571355 mi 1484562813Mon, 16-Jan-2017 10:33am map
1 mi N of The Geysers, California 2.8 000162100 mi 1484544945Mon, 16-Jan-2017 5:35am map

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United States Geological Survey - World Earthquake Map - Last 7 days
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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.